Colleges That Produce the Most NFL Players

Colleges That Produce the Most NFL Players

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When I bean to research colleges that produce the most NFL players, I learned so much more. Based on statistics, there over 35 teams that produce the best players, but we will discuss 29 of them. Among that number, California, Alabama, LSU, and Miami seem to be the most popular college teams that draftees are selected from.

The National Football League is a professional organization that consist of 32 teams. They are divided equally between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The NFL operates on a 17-week regular season. After regular season is over, six teams goes to the playoffs, which culminates to a Super Bowl, which is played between the AFC and the NFC.

Football involves running, throwing, and kicking to score a goal. Two teams use between 11 to 18 players. Scoring qualified points is the goal to win the game. Players are required to move the football, carry, kick, or hand-pass the football. They can only use their body to move the ball. Globally, Football is played by over 250 million players all over, 200 nations. It has the highest audience on television, and most popular in the Unites States. The Super bowl is the most watched in the U.S. history of television.

During the spring, the NFL draft college players. The draft goes through seven rounds, to determine by a regular season record. All candidate draftees, must be at least three years- from high school, to be eligible for the draft. Selected players are allowed to negotiate contracts and team deals.

The NFL, also maintains a disaster draft, in case of emergencies, like a disability or death of team members. If there is a disaster of 15 more players, it can result in a club season- which can be cancelled.

Listed below are 29 of the top colleges that produce the most NFL players:

* Miami
* Alabama
* Florida State University
* Georgia
* Southern California
* California
* Texas
* Tennessee
* Ohio State
* Wisconsin
* Oklahoma
* Mississippi
* Illinois
* Utah
* Auburn
* South Carolina
* Oregon
* Virginia
* Texas A&M
* Penn State
* Nebraska
* Clemson
* Notre Dame
* Michigan
* Arizona State
* Duke
* Syracuse

Some statistics reviewed started by the measure of games started per draftee (GSD). This is limited to players drafted, by the season.

Since 2010, Alabama has produced many draft picks, but of course there are many others- LUS, Miami, Ohio State, and more. It’s amazing how some coaches are more talented than others, and train and prepare college players for future success. The ACC has always been represented to draft. Florida State University has been powerful for recent drafts. Sometimes, Miami underachieves, but in recent years- they have made an incredible comeback. Oklahoma always power over Texas A&M, for the top Big 12. The Pac 12- consist of Stanford, Cal, UCLA teams. California is always the top producers of NFL high school draftees, in terms of where they played high school football.

Winning championships, is a big deal in college football, and their training programs, put talented draftees in the NFL.


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